Bed Bug Laundry

Bed Bug Laundry

Traditional New York City bed bug exterminator companies rely on many techniques that Beach Pest Control finds antiquated. Instructing clients to wash their laundry is one of them. We don’t want clients to wash anything before we arrive. Our NYC bed bug removal specialists want to carefully evaluate your residential or commercial setting and track your bed bug infestation. Our Queens bed bug exterminators will bag any laundry and bedding during their assessment.

Beach Pest Control’s Manhattan bed bug exterminators will advise customers not to perform any preparation before they arrive. When our Staten Island bed bug exterminator visits your home or business, they’ll inspect your setting. Certain areas are likely to be fraught with bed bugs; this is the heart of your bed bug infestation. We want to view these insects and the size of their infestation, so we need to view any laundry or bedding that’s involved. Once we evaluated the situation, we’ll bag the bedding, laundry, or even draperies in plastic bags where the bed bugs cannot escape.

After bagging the contaminated textile items that can then be washed, our Manhattan bed bug exterminators will deliver our bed bug removal services. Our NYC bed bug treatment solutions will not harm your bedding or other fabric items that may be left during our bed bug extermination process. We use non-toxic methods that are safe for humans and pets and are eco-friendly. These methods include heat treatment like hot steam and cooling treatment like cryonite.

Our Bronx bed bug exterminators are highly trained and competent in our NYC bed bug treatment solutions. Contact us to learn more about our Queens bed bug removal services. The sooner you call, the sooner we can send a Manhattan bed bug exterminator to your home or business to eradicate these unwanted pests. We always stand behind the workmanship of our Brooklyn bed bug exterminators with our robust service guarantees.

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