Bed Bug Removal


Follow these guidelines and read the information below to help with your bed bug problem!
  • Do not throw anything away!
  • Do not prep your home!
  • Do not start packing all your clothing into bags!
  • Do not do laundry!
  • Contact us and find out more…


New York City and your town’s Sanitation Dept. have regulations on how to discard infested items and furniture. Do not get a violation. If you have something you no longer want, ask us how to discard it safely. Throwing things out could make your problem worse. You may end up spreading bugs into areas not effected. You may end up giving bed bugs to neighbors.


Do Not Prepare Your Home Prior To Treatment.

Prep lists are hard to follow. Complicated, and typically unclear. Most prep lists are just bullet points, and lack the detail on how to prep properly. Don’t risk putting live bed bugs into bags and boxes. You may be releasing them to infest your home again after your remediation is done. Most people panic when following an exterminators prep list and end up spreading bugs into uninfected areas. While not all infestations can be eliminated without prep, most can.


Misinformed or inexperienced pest companies can make the problem worse. Some products used could repel bugs into wall voids only to have them return once the product degrades and can no longer kill them. Some products have great efficacy ratings but the label says they should not be used as a sole remediation solution. Not all products used to kill bed bugs should be applied to your bed.
Beach Pest Control Service offers a complete solution: preparation assistance, immediate removal of live bugs with triple HEPA filtered vacuums, laundry service when needed, low moisture hot steam, thermal remediation with hot dry air, freezing solutions with liquid CO2 (yes the stuff in your soda), organic and all natural knock down products, long term killing residual products, trapping and monitoring devices, follow up visits to ensure success, encasements.

Beach Pest Control Service Inc. has earned the New York Pest Management Association certification as Bed Bug Specialists.


The NYC Board of Health recommends using a professional that is experienced in bed bug remediation.  You should hire a pest control company that provides an action plan, offers a warranty, helps you determine where your bugs came from in the first place, and is licensed and insured to work in your state. We are certified by the New York Pest Management Association as Bed Bug Specialists.

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Your location will be bedbug free for 90 days guaranteed or we will find out why, fix it, and redo the treatment.

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