Canine Inspection Services

Canine Inspection Services

Bed bugs are not easily seen by the human eye. However, they do give off a musty odor that can help our NYC bed bug exterminators track down the heart of their infestations. To perform that effective tracking, we rely on our highly trained canine inspection pros. Our bed bug detection dogs easily sniff out bed bugs. Once we locate them, we can provide our safe, non-toxic New York City bed bug treatment to eradicate these notorious pests from your home or business.

Beach Pest Control Manhattan bed bug exterminators can bring along a detection dog to help us with the evaluation process. Bed bugs are known to infest bedrooms, especially mattresses, but that’s not all. These blood-loving insects can actually hide behind wallpaper, in floor cracks, on furnishings and clothing, and in other rooms of the home. It’s our job to track them down and eliminate them before the infestation can grow.

Bed bugs emit an odor that’s musty, but it’s not always apparent to humans. Our trained canine pros assist our Queens bed bug exterminators by sniffing out areas that are infested by their bugs. Then, our bed bug extermination crew can provide the New York City bed bug removal services you need to rid these pests from your home or commercial property.

Beach Pest Control’s detection dogs are friendly and adept at what they do. They help us ensure that we target all areas where these bugs are present. After our dog sniffs out a point of infestation, our Bronx bed bug exterminator can eradicate them using our non-toxic, eco-friendly methods.

Contact Beach Pest Control to learn more about our trained bed bug detection dogs. We can be to your Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island residential or commercial property as soon as possible to assess the situation. Rest assured, if you have bed bugs, we’ll eradicate them with the help of our bed bug detection dogs.

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