Is any pest as dreaded as the bed bug? When bed bugs invade our bedrooms—and mattresses—in search of an evening blood meal, it becomes nearly impossible to rest. If you have bed bugs in your home, you need experienced New York City bed bug removal. Beach Pest Control is a leading NYC bed bug exterminator. We control and eradicate these pests with our range of safe pest control solutions designed for both residential and commercial property settings. Because bed bugs are among the most challenging insect pests to control, they require immediate treatment to prevent infestations from growing. If you are searching for professional New York City bed bug treatment, you can rely on Beach Pest Control and our effective services.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that measure about 7mm. Although bed bugs have a notorious reputation for infesting mattresses, they can also burrow behind wallpaper or hide in furnishings. At night, these insects can crawl upwards of 100 feet in search of a blood meal. Humans and their pets are ideal hosts. Having a bed bug problem can be an abysmal experience. That’s why if you suspect an infestation, you should hire professional bed bug exterminators to visit your New York City home or commercial property.

Many people know that bed bug bites can be itchy and unpleasant. But that’s not all. These itchy bites can become infected, making them a health risk to people. Beach Pest Control provides affordable bed bug treatment for New York City customers. Although bed bugs are hard to see with the naked eye, our bed bug exterminators know how to spot their telltale signs.

What Are the Signs of Bed Bugs?

Most people don’t realize they have a bed bug problem until they wake up with unusual bites. These bites may appear in the form of a rash. If you wake up with this predicament, examine your bed closely. If you see any tiny blood spots or spots that appear like a dot of rust on blankets or sheets, you should suspect bed bugs. You might also note a musty odor that is usual with bed bug infestations. Don’t panic. With expert bed bug extermination service, you can eradicate these pests from your New York City home.

New York City Bed Bug Extermination Services

New York City bed bug removal and extermination services are as easy as placing a call to Beach Pest Control. We can send a bed bug exterminator to your home to quickly eradicate these pests from your setting. Before you attempt a do-it-yourself solution using over-the-counter pest control products, remember that these bugs are insidious and extremely hard to kill. Our bed bug exterminators are experts at bed bug removal. Don’t give these bugs the opportunity to breed. Let our pros visit your home to rid you of these biting insects.

When you contact us, we’ll send bed bug exterminator to your house or commercial property to evaluate the situation. If bed bugs are present, our service provider can use techniques and non-toxic solutions to eradicate your bed bugs. The sooner you call, the better. Remember that one bed bug can lay more than 500 eggs. You definitely don’t want your small infestation to become a large one.

Our Treatments

Beach Pest Control has various options for providing our New York City bed bug treatment. For low-prep removal, we’ll visit the first time to remove adult bugs. Our technicians will inspect and then use hot steam or CO2 freezing methods to eliminate the bed bugs. Then, we’ll return a second time to target any juvenile bugs or eggs if needed.

Beach Pest Control specializes in safe, eco-friendly New York City bed bug extermination. Chemicals can compromise the safety of your bed and surrounding environment. So, we specialize in treatments that kill the bugs on contact and do no rely on dangerous substances. Our treatments will not affect the safety of your family or pets, but they will eliminate your bed bug infestation.

Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

After suffering a bed bug problem, you’ll definitely want to take precautions so you never get them again. Bed bugs are a problem in big cities like NYC as well as regions in most parts of the country. These bugs can get into your house by hitching a ride on your shoes or suitcase. It’s a common problem to ‘get’ bed bugs while staying in a hotel or motel so be careful to inspect your room to ensure there isn’t a bed bug problem where you’re staying.

Contact Beach Pest Control so our NYC bed bug exterminators can eradicate your infestation. We’ll deliver our affordable bed bug treatment to eliminate this problem from your home.