Frequently Asked Questions

Is Preparation Necessary For A New York City Bed Bug Treatment Appointment?

In A low infestation situation, NO MAJOR preparation is necessary. When a bed bug infestation has not spread and is at a minimum infection rate there are only a couple of things that are required; strip the bed, put laundry from the floor into a laundry bag or plastic garbage bag, and remove anything that may be on your sofa so we can apply our bed bug treatments with efficiency. Call us so we can evaluate if you qualify for a low prep solution.

NYC Bed Bug Removal Preparation: DO NOT empty closets, dressers, chests, and DO NOT throw away furniture. If you do the laundry keep in mind that it is not the temperature of the water while washing the clothes that matters. The temperature of the drying process is what matters. The only thing that works on the laundry is drying the clothing on the hottest temp possible. Drying the clothes at the highest temperature possible will kill all life stages of bed bugs.

Will My Furniture And Carpet Get Damaged During New York City Bed Bug Treatment?

Prior to any form of New York City bed bug removal treatment, one of our certified technicians will perform what is known as a bed bug spot test. The bed bug spot test consists of applying a tiny amount of pesticide to test for bed bugs to a patch of carpet that is not in plain sight. If the test shows that bed bug infection is present then a further set of tests will be utilized. HPlease do not be alarmed as all of our testing methods have been tested and do not cause any harm to your carpet or fabrics.

What Are Your Environmental-Friendly NYC Bed Bug Treatment Options?

We offer multiple forms of ECO-Friendly New York City bed bug extermination treatments that include:

Cryonite (freezing with liquid C02)

  • Thermal heat (Utilizing dry air heaters to kill all bed bugs in your home)
  • Dry steam
  • Eco-green applications

How Many Treatments Are Required For The Full Removal Of A New York City Bed Bug Infestation?

To completely treat and to be rid of A New York City bed bug infestation, in most cases, only two treatments are needed – the initial treatment and a follow-up treatment. These are always needed to get rid of a NYC bed bug infestation.

Severe NYC Bed Bug Infestations May Require Additional Treatments.

What Forms Of Payment Does Beach Pest Control Accept?

Beach Pest Control Services, Inc accepts all major credit cards and cash.

How Long Does It Take For A Beach Pest Control Bed Bug Technician To Arrive To My Home?

One of our certified New York City bed bug exterminators can be dispatched within the hour.

What Are Your NYC Bed Bug Treatment Warranty Options?

We offer 30, 60, and 90-day as well as 365 day warranties. One of our New York City bed bug technicians will go over the bed bug warranty options with you when he/she arrives at your home.

Is Your NYC bed bug Work Guaranteed?

We offer A 100% customer satisfaction Guarantee. If at any time a customer has an issue where the NYC bed bugs are not entirely eliminated from the home, we will free of charge find a solution to eliminate the recurring issue. Our level of warranty depends on the bed bug treatment program that you have hired us for, please speak with your NYC bed bug technician.

How Long Does A NYC Bed Bug Treatment Take?

NYC Bed bug treatments usually take between one and three hours. Our recommendation is that all family members, including pets remain outside of the residence for a minimum of six hours.

How Do You Contact Beach Pest Control Should Any Problems Arise?

Our certified NYC bed bug exterminators will stay in contact with you throughout the treatment process. If there are any problems that arise, you may also contact us on our 24/7 live operator emergency service line and a customer service representative and/or a certified technician will be there for you should the need come.

Do I Get A Copy Of The NYC Bed Bug Removal Work Order?

YES, once the NYC bed bug removal process is complete we will supply you with a full copy of work order.

How Do You Perform A New York City Bed Bug Inspection?

One of our certified New York City bed bug exterminators will arrive at your home and perform the New York City bed bug inspection. The New York City bed bug exterminator will explain everything to you and begin inspecting your home for the bed bugs. If you requested a New York City bed bug detection dog to be in attendance, the NYC bed bug exterminator and bed bug detection canine will perform the full bed bug inspection.

When the New York City bed bug inspection is finished, the certified NYC bed bug exterminator will go over the bed bug treatment options. The NYC bed bug exterminator will also explain the preparation process.

How Effective Are NYC Bed Bug Inspections Performed By Bed Bug Detection Dogs?

Studies have revealed that NYC bed bug detection dogs are very effective. And, when combining this with the visual inspection, the accuracy is 98 percent accurate.


Your location will be bedbug free for 90 days guaranteed or we will find out why, fix it, and redo the treatment.

We Thank God For Giving Us The Opportunity To Serve You.