Fumigation Services

Fumigation Services

Many New York City bed bug exterminators rely on chemical fumigation techniques to eliminate bed bugs. Unfortunately, chemical fumigation is not safe. It can leave chemical residue throughout the space, and that can be toxic for humans and pets. Instead, Beach Pest Control offers Manhattan bed bug extermination solutions that do not include traditional fumigation techniques. Our Brooklyn bed bug exterminators rely on eco-friendly and non-toxic methods to eliminate these horrible pests.

Traditional chemical fumigation techniques may not eliminate a bed bug problem. Plus, these are potentially harmful chemicals. At Beach Pest Control, we know there’s a better way to provide NYC bed bug treatment. Our Queens bed bug exterminators use heating and freezing treatments to kill bed bugs because the insects are vulnerable to these non-toxic methods. Hot steam and cryonite kill bed bugs on contact—not toxic chemicals involved.

Heating techniques like hot steam deliver a pop of heated steam to kill bed bugs. This is a reliable Bronx bed bug treatment solution. The bugs cannot survive this form of NYC bed bug removal. Each Brooklyn bed bug exterminator on our team is trained to provide our heated steam techniques.

Conversely, our Beach Post Control’s Manhattan bed bug exterminators can also perform cryonite treatments to eradicate these bugs. This is solution is essential carbon dioxide snow or dry ice. This form of NYC bed bug treatment is also safe for humans, pets, and the environment. We use this freezing technique to eliminate bed bug adults, juveniles, and eggs.

Contact Beach Pest Control to learn more about our heating and freezing Queens bed bug extermination techniques. We’ll bring everything needed to safely and efficiently eliminate these pests from your setting. Don’t wait to call or you can risk your infestation growing and spreading throughout your entire home or commercial property.

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