Your location will be bed bug free for 90* days guaranteed or we will find out why, fix it, and redo** the treatment.

You do not have bed bugs because your home is messy, dirty, too clean; they are not a sanitation issue.

You do not have bed bugs because you make too much or too little money; they are not an economic issue. You do not have bed bugs because of your ethnicity, culture, or heritage; they are not a social issue. You have bed bugs because they remain a city-wide problem and a few bugs found their way into your home.

We can help you rid your home of bed bugs. When the problem persists it may be because you are going to where they are and bringing them back from: work, a friend’s home, where you buy clothing, riding the train, or going to the movies, anyplace you interact with other people.

You may be getting bed bugs from a neighboring apartment or adjoining home. In this case your treatment will not work until the neighboring unit is resolved as well.

It could be because you traveled recently and your luggage was placed in a container on an airplane or under a bus and someone else may have shared their bed bugs with you.

We have solutions and recommended steps you can take to resolve these issues. Contact us for help and guidance, we are here to help.

*All treatments come with a 30 day guarantee, which starts after the second treatment.

We install Climb-up insect interceptors, where possible, to help you know if there is still activity. Show us a bug caught in the trap and we return for free.

Add 30 days if all beds and box springs are covered with our mattress encasements. Add 30 days if our canine team can determine there are no bed bugs in neighboring units.

**If neighboring units have not been previously inspected by a canine team and re-infestation occurs, treatment may be required again at full cost.

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