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Every area of your home will eventually need pest control of some sort. In most cases, you can solve these pest problems on your own.

When you’ve tried spraying that really smelly stuff, and put out those really sticky things, and sprinkled that stuff that comes in a bag, and the pests just seem to be amused by your efforts, it may be time to call Beach Pest Control Service. Beach Pest is pleased to offer several effective services based on your needs. Beach Pest services the New York Metro area, Long Island, and Northern New Jersey.

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Tired of other companies always trying to lock you into an agreement? If you’re looking for a quick, effective solution with a specific pest, then we’re here to help. Making an appointment is easy. In most cases an estimate can be quoted over the phone.


If you’re ready for someone else’s help taking care of the ants in the spring, hornets in the summer, crickets in the basement, and rodents in the winter, then our annual service plan may be just the thing. Four preventative visits each year target each season’s emerging pests. We cover many other pests with the service and some exclusions, too. Let us know what’s bugging you and we will be happy to design a plan to meet your needs.


If you don’t want to be bothered with dealing with pests any more, then this plan may be the best one for you. Designed to prevent pests with eight preventative visits each year, we target interior and exterior areas of your home. The biggest concerns our clients express is how fast can you get here, and will the solution last. Your annual service plan is designed to deal with pests before they become a problem.

Our clients have called on us for pest problems such as: Ants, Carpenter Ants, Bees, Carpenter Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Spiders, Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Water-bugs, Bed Bugs, Crickets, Centipedes, Mites, Flies, Drain Flies, Fruit Flies, Silverfish, Book Lice, Pantry Pests, Granary Beetles, Moths, Rice Weevil, Carpet Beetles, Mosquitoes, Powder Post Beetles, Ticks, Earwigs, Pill Bugs, Sow Bugs, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Raccoons, other Nuisance Wild Life. We include many of these pests with your annual service.

Our Proactive Integrated Pest Management approach prevents pest problems before they occur. From ants, bees, wasps,
rodents and more, let our proven proactive IPM program protect your home.


Your location will be bedbug free for 90 days guaranteed or we will find out why, fix it, and redo the treatment.