Jim Matsutake

Honesty, responsiveness, expertise, knowledge, and politeness. They have it all. I contacted Matthew on a Saturday morning out of the blue for a bed bug scare (saw all the positive reviews on Yelp), and within 30 minutes he was in our home, wearing a face mask (covid 19), booties, and flipping upside down our mattress, spring box, cushions, looking for evidence in every corner of the rooms we thought were infested. After finding no evidence of bed bugs, he took to inspecting a glue board we had left in our basement, using a portable microscope connected to his cell phone, and started to describe what he was seeing there – what species of mites there were, what are their hosts, etc. He took a more comprehensive look at our house inside out, asked several questions, and then urged me to go to get my bites checked by a doctor, which I did in the afternoon. This was the best advice I could have been given, as the doctor identified my bites and rash as coming from exposure to poison ivy (even though I hadn’t touched weeds in over two weeks!).
The bottom line is that, thanks to Matthew, we were able to have a trustworthy expert in our home check bedbugs and other bugs in no time, educate us for nearly an hour, and steer us in the right direction. This guy is not after your bucks, but rather wants to solve your bug problems the right way, and while being very pleasant to interact with. Since 6 stars is not possible with Google reviews, I’ll leave it at 5!