Nicky Skopelitis

Matt Brewi and Ellen Brewi provide a service that is the alternative to the stress and labor intense prep that the majority of exterminator services ask a client to execute in order to deal with even a low level infestation.
Matt’s approach is well researched and endorsed by some very well known experts in the field. Check Youtube for informational videos by Dr. Changlu Wang Ph.D, the leading urban Entomoligist at Rutgers University and others like Jeff White and Dr. R. Cooper on the benefits of the low prep approach for for containing and eradicating. I had a great experience with Beach Pest- from Ellen at the back office, who is very well educated and understanding during a time people usually freak out- also very prompt and efficient regarding appointments , scheduling and follow up.
Matt is everything that you hope for during a time like this and above all honest and backs up his work. My highest recommendation.