If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your New York City home it can be extremely upsetting and overwhelming.  These tiny pests can hide in any small or tight space in your home and be the source of anxiety for everyone in the household. While pest control companies usually find the bed bugs in the bedroom more frequently and they usually need to find a New York City bed bug removal service to get rid of them, they can also be found in other parts of the home including closets, living rooms, laundry rooms and virtually   anywhere in your house, especially places where you may sit or lay down including desk chairs, playstation chairs, sofas, love seats or beds.  If you are concerned that bed bugs may be infesting your home, the first thing to do is call an experienced New York City pest control company.

While contacting a professional New York City pest control company is the first and best decision you can make for New York City bed bug removal treatments, don’t be misled by New York City pest control service technicians that give you a long list of tasks to complete before any New York City Bed Bug Inspection and then New York City Bed Bug Removal Treatment can begin. In actuality, the most effective NYC bed bug exterminator treatments require very little preparation. In low level early stage New York City bed bug infestation, it is best not to move anything until a New York City bed bug Exterminator has inspected your home.  If your skin is irritated, it may be caused by other irritants including mites, carpet beetles or environmental factors.

According to a featured article on PestControlNews.com, Is Preparing Homes for Bed Bugs Services Necessary, “By asking residents to perform these preparatory tasks, you are losing control of the New York City bed bugs and the most experienced New York City pest control companies would rather take the few minutes it requires to carry out some simple tasks in order to see  bed bug activity in its original state.” In other words, think of your home as a bed bug crime scene – don’t disturb the evidence.  The NYC Bed Bug experts want to see the problem firsthand and don’t want any harborages disturbed and NYC Bed Bugs dispersed into other areas of your home. The article goes on to state the results of a 2015 Rutgers University survey that revealed that “95% of New York City bed bug removals were eliminated with no assistance from residents.”

To provide the most effective New York City bed bug treatment, today’s bed bug specialist provides a “preparation as needed” approach. Instead of giving residents and homeowners a long prep list of complicated things to do and furniture to move before their home is inspected or treated, they think of your home as a bed bug crime scene and want little to nothing moved. A highly trained New York City bed bug removal technician will want to see firsthand where the New York City Bed Bugs are hiding to better treat the infestation, all which can be disrupted by a homeowner trying to prep their home. The only things that they will ask their customers to do prior to treatment include:

  • Remove laundry, clothes, sheets and towels from the floor
  • Strip beds of all sheets and blankets.
  • Place only these items into plastic bags for laundry

That’s it! Beach Pest Control is a highly experienced New York City pest control company that is certified as a New York City bed bug removal specialist by the New York Pest Management Association .  As a leading New York City Bed Bug Removal Company in the industry, they have a staff of knowledgeable and expertly trained technicians that with the assistance of their own adept canine team, will inspect and detect any bed bugs in your home. Unlike other companies that may subcontract different dogs for different jobs, the dogs of the Beach Pest Control canine unit are important long-term members of their team and family. Beach Pest has their own personal team of highly trained bed bug detection dogs that can identify the location of live bed bugs. Their highly effective canine unit is what sets them apart from other companies in the industry. They will bring an experienced NYC Bed Bug Canine Detection dog into your home and it can successfully detect the presence and location of any bed bugs – if the dogs detect any bed bugs – they will show you the bed bugs and the location where they were found. Once detected, the experts at Beach Pest Control will create a thorough and comprehensive NYC Bed Bug treatment plan that also focuses on long term bed bug prevention.

Customers throughout New York City’s 5 boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens) tchoose Beach Pest Control because they offer reliable and personalized service and NYC bed bug treatments that work! As an owner operated business, the owner of the company takes the time to speak with customers to help them identify their pest problems and thoroughly explain their treatment options. Beach Pest Control also offers a guarantee on all of their NYC Bed Bug treatments. If you have a bed bug problem in your home, call the experts at Beach Pest Control at (718)-640-8817