4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Long Island Bed Bug Removal

Whether you are certain that you have a bed bug infestation or you think that you do, contacting a reputable exterminator that specializes in Long Island bed bug treatment is imperative. Bed bugs are a serious problem that requires expert treatment. When it comes to Long Island bed bug removal, Beach Pest Control is the first company Nassau and Suffolk County homeowners and business owners call. For more than a decade, their highly trained technicians have been banishing bed bugs across Long Island. With a reputable Long Island exterminating company like Beach Pest Control are on the job, you can rest assured that those pests won’t be a problem anymore.

Bed bugs have been wreaking havoc on Long Island. More homes and business are infested than ever before, and it’s a problem that can – and does – affect everyone. Don’t just assume that because your property is pristine that you aren’t susceptible. A single bug can jump on your clothing, hitch a ride to your house or place of business, and before you know it, you huge army of the creepy crawl pests has moved in.

If you’ve discovered that you have bed bugs, you’ve got to act fast; however, you should avoid the temptation to try and handle the problem on your own. While there may be a lot of DIY methods out there (diatomaceous earth, bug bomb, and homemade insecticides, just to name a few), the truth is that they are almost always ineffective.

Whether you’re trying to save yourself some money or you just want to nip the bugs in the bud as quickly as possible, don’t try to handle a bed bug problem on your own. Why? – Here’s a look at why it’s best to leave this job to a professional Long Island bed bug exterminator

It can Make Matters Worse

You want to get rid of bed bugs, not invite more; but, if you try to get rid of these critters on your own, inviting more is exactly what could happen.

Bed bugs may be gross, but they’re very adaptable. They’ve actually become immune to many of the chemicals that have been used to treat them. Hence, if you’re trying to get rid of them with a formula that they’re resistant to, they’re just going to keep on multiplying. To add to the problem, you aren’t a professional. These pests hide in some pretty inconspicuous places and if you don’t know where to look for them, they’ll keep breeding and spreading. Having an experienced company that specializes in Long Island bed bug fumigation will allow you to nip this problem in the bud and avoid even bigger issues down the line.

It can be Dangerous

Some of the chemicals that are recommended for DIY bed bug removal are downright dangerous. If you inhale the fumes or some spray splatters into your eyes, there’s a very good chance that you will sustain a serious injury or illness. Even if you aren’t using pesticides, extermination often involves some heavy lifting; bedding, couches, chairs, and even rugs may need to be lifted. If you try to do these things on your own, you could suffer muscle strains or even broken bones.

Risking a serious injury so you can save a few bucks just isn’t worth it.

You can Damage Your Property

Lastly, if you try to get rid of bed bugs on your own, you could very well end up damaging your property. Pesticides and other chemicals could stain or burn carpeting, upholstery, and other furnishings. If you’re picking up and moving a heavy piece of furniture, it could fall and break. You could even damage the walls, ceilings, and lighting fixtures! These damages can be costly to repair, and in some cases, they may be irreparable.

DIY can be More Expensive

Believe it or not, DIY bed bug removal can be more costly than professional extermination. If you fail to get the job done the right time the first time around, you’ll have to try again, or give a professional a call in the end. If you sustain an injury, you could be looking at pretty hefty medical bills; not to mention the pain and suffering that you’ll have to sustain. If your property is damaged, you’ll have to shell out a big chunk of change for the repairs. In the end, it will actually save you money to hire a professional exterminator.

While trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own is certainly commendable, it’s definitely not recommended. Avoid these mishaps and instead, contact a reputable exterminator that specializes in Long Island bed bug controll from the start. The expert technicians at Beach Pest Control will get the job done the right way the first time around so you can kiss those bed bugs goodbye! To schedule an appointment, call 929.236.4400 or visit BeachPest.com and schedule a quote right online.